On the Issues

Connecticut Jobs

Linda’s top priority will be jobs. Linda recognizes that we need jobs. Linda will work to have the government help businesses not hinder them. Linda will try to make Connecticut one of the best places to have a business instead of one of the worst.

Linda believes that the government needs to help the entrepreneurs of Connecticut find and realize their dream, not regulate and tax their business as every turn. The first step would be to repeal the Business Entity Tax. Every LLC must pay an extra $250.00 tax just for the LLC, even if the LLC or company did not make any money.

Linda will work to help change the taxes and the attitude of government towards businesses. The Connecticut government needs to help and support businesses, especially small businesses. Small businesses provide the majority of the jobs.

Linda will work to STOP businesses from moving out of Connecticut. She will not stop there. Once the business environment in Connecticut has changed, then she will help Connecticut become be pro-active. She will help Connecticut to go out and get businesses to move here.

Linda will attract business by selling the world on the top quality work that is produce by the great Connecticut manufacturing employees. Linda truly believe that no one in the world can produce the quality of the work that we can here in Connecticut. Linda is concerned because time is running out, she feels that Connecticut must act soon. Connecticut must act now. It is time to bring manufacturing back to Connecticut.

Government Fiscal Responsibility

Linda also believes that Common Sense – government should be the same thing. The government should not spend money that it does not have. Government should be careful, very careful with money, YOUR money, your TAX Money. Every penny that the state spends should be spent with caution and concern, not free with the wind. In the same respect, Linda believes that we as citizens should not turn to the state to full fill the need that the citizens should full fill ourselves. Connecticut needs to review all of the expenditures and cut costs at every corner. Connecticut needs to review all programs to see if they are meeting their objective as well as checking to see that the abuse of that program is within a tolerable limit. Connecticut needs to cut back, consolidate and conserve. These are the things that every person does in their own personal life, yet our government does not. It is time that the government starts setting the example of how the people should be with their finances, and not the other way around.

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